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 Money & Pills making guide by Flamber

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PostSubject: Money & Pills making guide by Flamber   Fri Jul 29, 2011 3:16 am

Hello everyone.In this guide I wont teach you how to play Talisman.I will teach you something different.How to make pills and money(gold).

FIRST STEP.-Gold Making Guide for Newbies.

Make a new char(assassin or wizard).Up to lvl 5 and find master.Then grind till 48 and get weapon +12/13 and keep the defense gear for lvl 1+20,just add Def.Gear Magicstone.After you are 48,go to Star Town and start botting at Club Servitors till lvl 66.You can make 180k gold in 1 hour.

SECOND STEP.-Another Gold Making Guide for Advanced players(lvl 90-92)

Just go to DS and make 20 runs.You will have around 30k gold and if you're lucky you can get plat. items.


For this step,you will need full purple defense gear set(the ones in the Pills shop).For Sin It's ATIS,and for Wiz it's AESTUS.You have 2 choices with weak equips and 1 choice with Plat. weapon.

1st. choice - DS(Dark Stone).It's better for lvl 85-90
2nd. choice- BV(Bamboo Valley).It's better for lvl 91+

3rd choice for ADVANCED players-TOT Village Map.

Here you need a platinum weapon.Start botting and you will have many pills.


Regards,Flamber[guild Revelations]
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PostSubject: Re: Money & Pills making guide by Flamber   Fri Jul 29, 2011 8:21 am

thx for guide #3
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PostSubject: Re: Money & Pills making guide by Flamber   Fri Jul 29, 2011 10:47 am

Np hehe..I see only copied guides from the classic TO...I will make more guides,there are many things in this game that people dont know ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Money & Pills making guide by Flamber   Sat Jan 14, 2012 2:48 am

tnx man !
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PostSubject: Re: Money & Pills making guide by Flamber   Thu Jan 19, 2012 4:01 am

My method are cheaper to start

Tamer is my key to ka ching ka ching and ba bling ba bling lol!

1)Buy a Pet Capture Bell from Blacksmith for few copper(i cant remember)
2)Tame anything u can find. (pet do superb dmg)
3)Get to lvl 5 and get a master(master must be lvl 30 or above)
4)solo any cave with ur new friend(pet). it will do all the dirty job for u lol
5)go to Black Wind Camp when u reach lvl 28 and tamer the Golden Monkey. this buddy here does AOE attack(3 mobs per hit)
6)go to Thunder Rage on lvl 78 and farm on those lvl 81 mobs here. they drop 50g bag and 50k hp pot(i sell them for 4k per stack). dont leave there untill u are lvl 85 be'coz they have a higher rate of dropping 50k hp pot and itz really near to town.
7)go into MW when u reach lvl 85 and say hello to lvl 90
8)look for lvl 89-lvl 90 mobs and park there. untill ur pet is 100 intimate with u and u can solo BV from now even with ur lvl 0-10 gear. (with some skill Razz)

*note:u can even enhance ur talisman and tab+pet attack, tab+pet attack, tab+pet attack!!!

if u are a botter read below:

1)split ur 50k hp pot into 6 slot so that even if ur bag is full(most likely 50g bag), u can still loot the 50k hp pot which stack to 99per stack(4k gold per stack)
2)come back about every one hour to right click on the 50g bag.
3)throw all the junk u loot(about 37silver per stack of 99) unless u are near to town

do ur math. only the initial cost for the tamer pet bell(few copper) u can even solo BV with it!! no gear is needed even for DS. u can get ur Pet Bell(assistant talisman) from system if u have a master. Pet Bell is important coz there will always be some #$%^ who will come over and rape ur pet and u also need it to heal ur pet when u are in BV.

things i mentioned above:


Pet Capture Bell

lvl 28 Golden Monkey

lvl 81 mobs i mention above

ps: all lvl X8 mobs has picked version starting from:
lvl 28 Monkey
lvl 38 rock
lvl 48 cant remember name
lvl 58 turtle
lvl 68 centipede

good luck on finding them. they have totally the same spec in terms of dmg/def/hp

some player thought that higher lvl means stronger and itz a no no no. itz just which one u like more.

they are all consider tank pet. they come with a aggro skill and they have higher def and hp but lower dmg. but the thing is they do dmg to 3 target at a time so itz the best pet u will wanna tame(IMO).
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PostSubject: Re: Money & Pills making guide by Flamber   

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Money & Pills making guide by Flamber
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