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 New Player save inventory space

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PostSubject: New Player save inventory space   Fri Sep 16, 2011 3:48 am

save your inventory space.

1. after you create new character and found yourself at Green Scarp village.. Open your inventory and delete Fire Dragon Pack, Ice Dragon Pack, Assassin Level 10 Pack (if your character is assassin). Double click the 1000 gold box and buy as follows

2. Weapon in Blacksmith,

3. Buy Items from the Shop:
Aidance :
1 Love Tales of Talisman
1 Assassin God
1 Adv, Numen Grass
2 super lucky bag
6 Super Package
1 Phoenix Jackstraw (99)
1 Sky HolyScroll
1 choose pet as u like
1 Pet Master Token
1 Advance Pet Food (10)
Pet Level Up book
Pet exp book
Pet skills (see the list of pet skill pick as u like)

Love LionHeart Card
Aura of Five Elements

Advance Volcanic Pills
Advance Blue Light Pills
Advance Golden Light Pills
Advance Apothecary Pills
Advance Carol Pills

Note: Press C in your keyboard and select ACT then Auto Supply... put all pills on the empty slot then check enable supply then select all then save.

when you done all mentioned above go kill boar w/o weapon... since you cant wear the weapon. do not worry the boar cant kill..

when you reach level 5 try to find your Master (The purposed of master when u reach level 25 the system give you all weapon u need and Transferable.

spot easy to level up your character:
level 1 to 15 = Green Scarp village = Kills boars and Apes
level 15 to 25 = Snake Cave
level 25 to 35 = HH Cave
level 35 to 45 = Laurel Cave
level 45 to 50 = Fantasy Palace
level 50 to 60 = BC or SSS SSC
level 61 to 70 = Silver Fox cave (MDV)
level 70 to 75 = CWC (MDV)
level 75 to 80 = Mulk Wood Cave
level 80 to 92 - DS cave

Note: the fastest leveling when u reach level 15 try to ask for help. For all caves i guaranteed you within 30 minutes you are level 90.

good luck and enjoy the game

(its work for me (TheWarlock)
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PostSubject: Re: New Player save inventory space   Fri Sep 16, 2011 7:28 am

bounce Do Not delete 10lvl bag with all gears and weapon 20+ ,you can use weapon [assasin can use simi] and you can use like that not enhanced and easy kill mobs...if you enhance later to lvl 10,and wear all gear from 18lvl, with all that i go to all caves to lvl 90,,without any help from someone bounce
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PostSubject: Re: New Player save inventory space   Fri Sep 16, 2011 9:57 am

easy to kill the mobs by punch and kick until level 25 then the system give you the all weapons all +20 easy w/o the help of others. Only need is Master.

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PostSubject: Re: New Player save inventory space   

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New Player save inventory space
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