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 CHAT Guide

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PostSubject: CHAT Guide   Sun Sep 18, 2011 11:30 am

Chat Channels
Normal - the messages published at the present channel and can be seen by all the players within your sight.
Shout - the messages published at this channel can be seen by all the players in this area.
Team - the channel used by the all the teammates. If the player doesn’t join any team, the system info would be
“Currently no team”.
Guild - the channel for the guild members. The messages can be seen by all guild members.
If you haven’t joined any guild, the system info “you don’t belong to any guild
Whisper - this is a private channel for two players to talk. The messages will only between the two players.
If the target player is offline, the system info: “the player is offline”
Friend - the messages published in this channel can be seen by all the players listed on your friend list.
World - the messages published in this channel can be seen by all the players in the world. But this channel is
only available to the players whose level is over 10.

The followings are some useful chat commands:
/s present
/ player’s name whisper
/t team chat
/g guid chat
/w world chat
/d friend chat
If you forget the chat commands, you can input /chat or /chathelp in the chat box, the system will list all the chat commands.

DIY chat style
Want your chat message to be outstanding in plain characters? Want your dialogue to be flashy and catch one’s eyes? Rember the following chat commands!
"#number of the expression - To show your expression
#R - Red words
#G - Green words
#B - Blue words
#Y - Yellow words
#W - White words
#K - Black words
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CHAT Guide
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