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 Basic NPC Guide

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PostSubject: Basic NPC Guide   Sun Sep 18, 2011 11:53 am

Selling both kinds of medicines "Healing Potions and Mana Potions". You can also learn the professions "Collect Herb" and "Make Potion" from him

Weapons and Gears for all 5 classes can be bought from him. Blacksmith can also help you identify your equipments; combine your Weapon, Defense Gear and Mount. You can also learn living skills "Collect Ore" and "Make Charm" from him.

Post Officer
He is responsible for the mails. You can go visit him to send and receive mails. Money and items can also be sent as an attachment in a mail.

He is in charge of the auction house, where you can go put your items to sell or bid things you need.

Warehouse Man
The place where you deposit your items and money. Tamers can also deposit their special pet here. You can expand the warehouse space by using the item Package.

Reputation Merchant
Selling valuable Weapons and Defense Gears for all classes. He also offers reputation quests in certain areas, which can give you Reputation Points (needed in purchasing his items).

Transport Fay
She can transport you to different places which is suitable for your current level at a price.

Teleport Stele
It can record the information of time-space. It can teleport you to the place it recorded beforehand (when you set the waypoint). *to set simply talk to the NPC*

Junior pk arena
He can send you to Junior pk arena if you are between levels 1- 35. You can find him in Stone City square.

Senior pk arena
He can send you to Senior pk arena if you are at level 30-65. You can also find him beside Junior pk arena in Stone City square.

Immortal Lee
He can offer you two attractive quests when you reach level 25; the rewards are either a Tiger (one kind of Mount) or a Blue Magic Bead, which has 50% possibility to turn your green or white equipments to a blue one. He can also evaluate your equipment and put them in the ranking list if qualified.

Ascetic Fuhu
You can buy and sell items from him as well as buy Soul Quartz which is needed in Soul Infusion. He can also teach you the professions Disintegrate and Make Magicstone. In addition, you can do Soul Infusion from him to make your Weapons and Defense Gears much stronger.

If you want to apply to a Master, he can offer you a list of Masters for you to choose from. When you reach level 30 as an Apprentice, you must go visit him with your own Master (team up with your master and he must be the leader) for your graduation. He can be found in Stone City square.

Guild Admin
When you reach level 90, you can create your own Guild at the cost of 100k gold with the help of Guild Admin. One character can only create one Guild. In addition, Guild Leaders can apply to him for Guild Domain at the expense of 150kG (one Demesne for one Guild).
Note: player req lvl to make guild is lvl 30 but coz we just summon that npc at TOT village so you need lvl 90 to enter there and make new guild.

Janitor of Guild Demesne
he is the one who teleports you to your Guild Domain if it is available. He resides in Stone City Square.

War Admin
The administrator for Blood Place War. If your Guild wants to be an attacker or defender, your Guild leader should register and apply for a war flag at the War Admin in Blood Village. Sign ups close in 24 hours before the war starts.

Blood Place Herald
He is responsible for the tax business paid by the Defending Guild of Blood Palace. The leader of the Defending Guild needs to talk to him.

(New NPC coming soon...)
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Basic NPC Guide
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