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 Soul Infusion Guide

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PostSubject: Soul Infusion Guide   Tue Sep 20, 2011 7:54 am

Soul Infusion is a good way to strengthen all attributes of your Weapons and Armor. In other words, an item after Soul Infusion is better than the same one without it. Unlike Combining, this has a 100% success rate.

How to do Soul Infusion
1. Talk to the npc ascetic Fuhu
2. Choose the option Soul Infusion
3. Place the 3 proper items in their places on the empty slots

On the bottom slot you will see the effect of the quartzes on your gear, hence you have a choice whether you want to continue infusing or not

Soul Quartz can be bought from the npc ascetic Fuhu while you can only get Nimbus Quartz by killing monsters or from other players via trade, auction and stalls. (In our server, Soul Quartz and Nimbus Quarts can be bought from the npc ascetic Fuhu)

I didnt make Upgrading guide because we almost get items already +20 / Enhancing guide, there are mod and vip who can enhance our talisman/ also Identify guide cause most players use purple set and its already identify.

Hope u like it #20
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Soul Infusion Guide
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