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 How to Setup GUILD in Tales of Talisman Guide

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PostSubject: How to Setup GUILD in Tales of Talisman Guide   Sat Sep 24, 2011 10:08 am

This is a private server so the admin make some changes in setting up a guild, like he transfer the "Guild Admin" in TOT Village.

Ill show you show to Setup a guild.. Smile

1st - You should be atleast lvl 90, why? because Guild Admin was transfer to TOT Village and a lvl requirements to go to TOT village is lvl 90.

(how can i go to TOT Village?? Teleport to Star Town and enter the tavern there, U should see an Assassin NPC, talk to the NPC but be sure u have 10k gold in your inventory, 10k gold is the fee to go to TOT village everytime u go there)

2. When your in TOT Village, Find the NPC "GUild Admin" and talk to him. You can see the options

Apply for Guild Demence
Apply for Guild Demence by special item

3. Of course you should choose the option GUILD, in there you have to put ur desire or the name of the guild u want to create, it should be lessthan 14characters. After putting a name just click ok the ther u have a guild . ( BTW , u shud have atleast 100k gold to create a guild)

Now that u have a guild, its time to make a guild demence, talk to the GUild admin for the 2nd time, and this time you should have 150k gold in your inventory as a payment for building a Guild Demence.

Congratulation, U now have your own guild and guild demence #20

hope this help.. tnx
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How to Setup GUILD in Tales of Talisman Guide
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