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 Guide on How to POST SS

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PostSubject: Guide on How to POST SS   Wed Nov 02, 2011 11:22 pm

Ok some players really dont know how to post Screenshot or SS on forum so I decided to make one. Here are some few simple steps to follow on how to do that.

Things you should have.

1. Account Login on this forum, first create one to continue with the tutorial
2. Photo Sharing website like photobucket.com and tinypic.com (i choose tinypic.com for this example as its more convenient and easy to use)

Ok lets start on how to Post that SS.

1. Login to your account on the Forum and select your appropriate topics on where to post.
2. Identify the location of your SS folder like the one below

3. Next login to your photo sharing website. You will see a page similar to that on your Photo sharing website.

4. Next upload your file(s) to your photo sharing website like the on below. By choosing Choose File and then followed by Upload. See example below

Selection of file(s)

Then the thumbnail will appear together with the TAG you will be using to post on the forum

5. Then Login to the Forum, once youre successfully logged to the forum you will see something like the one below or the forum threads

6. Go to your appropriate Sections to post your SS and create a NEW THREAD or REPLY to a THREAD and next you will a page similar below wherein you can type your message and post your SS.

Creating a new THREAD

Creating the post or reply

7. Copy and paste the tags IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards or similar Notes or information on other photosharing sites. Then click review or Send. See below for example

Use the Tag from the Photosharing account you have for the SS you wanted to post

8. Once youre done click on the Send and thats it youve post your SS on the forum.

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Guide on How to POST SS
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