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 Magicstone,Collect Ore and Decompose Skill Here!

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PostSubject: Magicstone,Collect Ore and Decompose Skill Here!   Thu Aug 16, 2012 5:53 pm

There ain't much job... lol!
all you need is

2 chars...1 for collect ore and 1 for magicstone make and decompose, simply like that...all you need is so close to you but sometimes you don't see it Very Happy
Steeeeeeeeep ONE
get you char decompose and magicstone make skill
go to sky village and get ur char repu lvl 11 using the master pellets where u can find on t-point shop
done that buy a big ammount of green items of repu shop and decompose them till you have lvl 3 of decompose.
after done that the [All Stars Ring of Dolphin] will do the job,buy a lot of them and decompose till your decompose level become 7...
done that,you'll have to buy the white weapons on t-point shop and the blue beads,make a lot of weapons blue and decompose till lvl 8.
that was the decompose.
after that,for you supply your crystals to make the magicstones you can farm lvl 70-80 equipments or simply open JG 70-80 Bags (you can find them on GDS *General Dark Soul*located on somewhere of Star Town and Senior PK Arena at 7:55 and 14:12 and*Prince Zant* somewhere in star town too) or you can make Murk Woods runs but that will be a little boring,also you can exchange your farming maps for these crystals on NPC Leo at Stone city closer to War Admin and Post Officer(Each 1 Farming Map = 20 Crystals of Your choise)

Step Two
now get ur alt with collect ore online,there's the location for you get ur ores for lvl ur skill
Level 1 = Dolomite Ore, Orange Ore -- located in Green Scarp & Sky Village
Level 2 = Green Ore, Lucite Ore -- located in Cloud Mountain
Level 3 = Spinel Ore, Brite Ore -- located in Stone City & Black Wind Camp
Level 4 = Magnesium Ore, Flame Ore -- located in Snow Mt. & Laurel Mountain
Level 5 = Aluminum Ore, Silver Ore -- located in Whorl Mt. & Vast Mountain
Level 6 = Magnesite Ore, Calcite Ore-- located in Dais Field
Level 7 = Manganese Ore,Mica Ore,Jade Ore -- located in Simen Mountain
Level 8 = ( You'll find those at Stone Age,Ice Age and Bronze Age )
OBS:DON'T DELETE THE ORES cause the only reason you're lvling your collect ore is cause you need ores for lvl your magicstone skill. bounce

we're done with your ore and decompose skill Very Happy

Steeeeeeeeep three
now go back to ur char with magicstone skill!
just use the ores and the decompose materials for make magicstones and then lvl till 8 thats why you needed the ores and decompose , ores for ores (obviously)and decompose to crystals after your magicstone level be 8 you will can make all the magicstones Very Happy

and i told there ain't much job affraid that was only for give you hope xD
Enjoy it Very Happy
Any Question PM,Mail me on TOT or Here #1 KevDawggg
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Magicstone,Collect Ore and Decompose Skill Here!
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